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An oldie but a baddie

A joke found on an HR bulletin board:

The dinner plate for the evening [at a Republican fundraiser] will be chicken. It is called "the Hilary special".

Two small breasts and two fat thighs.

Oh, how very droll, right? Aside from bashing Hil (who I like, although I do have some issues with her) what bothers me here is that instead of bashing her on the basis of her ideas, the person is bashing her on her looks. It's tired, cliche, and just downright dumb. It's as if the worst insult we can say about a woman is that she's unattractive (if, as our society instructs us to, you find large thighs and small breasts unattractive). We're still equating a woman's value with her attactiveness. This is a woman who could be the first woman to run for president, and the insult hurled at her is that she's ugly? B.F.D. To insult her attractiveness only makes the insulter look ignorant. Bash her on her ethics or policies; give me a good joke based on Whitewater. For heaven's sake, if you're going to insult her, at least make it relevant and funny.
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